I have hired Suanne honey to represent me in a very complex high conflict divorce case. Before meeting her through word of mouth I had dealt with two incompetent attorneys who showed great skill in charging me before showing their skill in Law and neither could be trusted. I was very frustrated by this situation since they neither gave me good advice or helped push my case in the right direction. Suanne changed all of that and got on the case right away and I started seeing result. Her advice from the beginning has been invaluable and her work has been excellent. She knows the law very well and she has many years of experience. On top of that she is very trust worthy, honest and not about the money. She is real and I am glad I have her representing me.   

Max K.

 My wife found Suanne Honey back in 2015 when I was going through my custody case. Suanne took on my case and was great through the whole process. She got me everything that I wanted. She made the process very simple and is painless as possible. Fast forward to 2018 and I had to hire her again, she took on my case again without question. Suanne Honey is an awesome family law lawyer and knows a lot about the custody laws is Orange County. 

Brian G. 

I can't say it enough about Mrs honey. From the second she took our case back in 2015 until now she has been our biggest support system when it comes to custody and visitation of my stepson. If you had our back the whole entire way. Whenever I explain her to somebody I just call her the Tiger! Suanne you go above and beyond. I know that you care about every one of your clients. Thank you for being there for us then and thank you for taking us as clients one more time :-) 

Yolanda G.